Organic Starts: Part 3

Organic Produce Box

Farm Fresh Box

People ask me all the time how we became so passionate about organic food. It’s a long story, (see Part 1 and 2 for the short version), but the bottom line is that is changed my life by changing my health. The truth is I would have been the biggest skeptic of organic food without experiencing healing myself. I thank God often for intervening in my life with divine appointments to meet person after person who would help me seek out truth about food, healing and my own health.

Our real introduction to organic food was through a friend who was an organic farmer. We met him along with his beautiful family at church. We became friends and subscribed to the organic farm box to home program with the intent to support a great local family farm. We truly enjoyed the organic produce, but even more we enjoyed visiting with this family who introduced us to organic farming, fresh food cooking and holistic living. These were such new concepts for both of us. We were interested but didn’t necessarily buy into all that we were hearing.

At that time Jim was working part time at the farm and I would visit and help out occasionally on the weekend. It was such a nice change from the fast pace of our weekday life. After just a few months it was obvious that increasing the amount of fresh organic food we were eating had a huge impact on our health. We had no expectation that the food would change anything at first. Still, the changes were undeniable. I had more energy and was feeling clear headed. I also experienced my first several month run without any infections for the first time in years. I was so amazed by how great I felt that I continued to postpone the tonsillectomy my doctor and throat specialist were insisting on. I became enthralled with learning everything I could find out about organic food and holistic health.  What I learned lead me to a new awareness of my own responsibility for my health.

Hiking the beach in WA, 2000

Hiking the beach in WA, 2000

I took my new found responsibility seriously and decided to stop taking prescriptions and see how I felt. To my great surprise I felt even better than ever! My allergies were tolerable and barely noticeable. (I have since learned they may have been caused by pesticides or used in farming, not dust as the doctor thought). My pain from autoimmune arthritis was more manageable than ever before. (Perhaps because chemicals in food can cause or increase the symptoms of autoimmune diseases). Not taking the hormone medications helped me feel more balanced. We continued to eat REAL good food and be prescription free for a few more months. Then we were shocked to find out we were expecting our first baby. My passion for finding better health through our diet and holistic health practices was solidified in that moment.

While, I still don’t think that organic food is a cure all I do think that most people, like myself, underestimate the power of food and our own bodies ability to heal. Since that day I have continued to seek out truth about health and wellness. It has become part of my life journey and I have since learned there are many of you who also want to experience good health and find out the truth about our food.

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