Organic Starts: Part Six. Brown Box Organics

Jim & two Brownies ready to work in their Brown Box Organics shirts.

Jim & two Brownies ready to work in their Brown Box Organics shirts.

When my husband finished college we had intended to move back to Washington State. God had other plans for us. We felt the call to leave the small town in California where we had been living for the past two years. Jim had been working full time and going to school full time the entire time. As if that wasn’t enough my growing box delivery business had grown into something more than we expected and he was helping me with deliveries on the side. We prayerfully considered our next big move. Just weeks later a family that had been customers showed interest in taking over our delivery business Country Organics.(

After many months of prayer our vision was simple. We really wanted to focus more on our family. Jim felt after three years of being so busy and not spending much time as a family he should make it a priority. By this time we had two little boys. We prayed and did a lot of soul searching. We were looking for that open door. Months after we saw the a door opened for us to leave we were still waiting for a door to open elsewhere. That’s when Jim suggested that we move back to his home state of Idaho and open another organic food delivery service. He loved the idea of living near family and saw a great need in the Treasure Valley.

Almost three years to the day from when we had moved to California we relocated again to Nampa, Idaho. It was July 2006. We hoped this would be a place we could grow our family, grow a business and put down roots. We hit the streets distributing door to door fliers the week after we moved with our two little guys in a jogging stroller. I was expected another baby – Brownie boy #3. Just writing those words makes me smile.

We decided to call our family business Brown Box Organics after our family name Brown and the boxes we deliver real food in each week. I have some great memories of those early days! We packed boxes as a family with the little guys learning their numbers while watching us count out produce. I would wear baby in a front pack while packing. The kids got to visit many neighborhood parks while out distributing fliers door to door. They also had the opportunity to visit many local farms and learn about why we are intentional about supporting local organic farms. We have worked harder than ever, but also kept that vision alive of more quality family time.

In the years since we moved to Idaho I have grown to love Treasure Valley. It is a fantastic place to work, live and enjoy this season of our life. I have been encouraged to see growth in the interest and production of organic food. We feel very blessed to have met some of our dearest friends first as customers and farmers supporting Brown Box Organics. We hope to live and be a part of people being intentional about supporting local organic food and farming in our valley for many years to come!

To learn more about us visit the About Us page.


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