Organic Starts: Part Five. Organic Business.

How we got into organic food as a family business is a long story. (See Organic Starts 1-4 for the beginning). Let’s jump back in time for a moment. We had met an organic farmer, started eating organic, life completely changed and then….

Learning to count, packing produce boxes.

Learning to count, packing produce box.

Shortly after our first baby was born Jim decided that he needed to step up his plans to finish college. Babies have a way of changing priorities! We visited a smaller town in California just once before moving there so he could work and go to school full time. When we visited the town I was so disappointed to see that although there were a handful of local organic farms there didn’t seem to be any structured way to get real food in the community. The grocery store had a few organic items, but nothing local and mostly processed organic foods. It looked like I would need to drive to each farm one by one and do a lot of special ordering to get real food. My mind kept returning to how convenient our friend’s box to home plan was. I thought that Organic food should be convenient for me and the other people in the community.

When we were back home in Washington we talked with the farmer and let them know we were thinking of delivering a few boxes of produce. They seemed supportive so I decided to open a small box co-op and deliver one day each week with baby in tow. If I was going to be doing the work to source real food why shouldn’t I help out other people who would benefit too? I thought real food should be convenient for everyone. So in 2003 the week after we moved to California I opened Country Organics. ( My first customers were holistic practitioners and a hand full of diverse people with the common connection of wanting to be intentional about eating real food.

Since then sustainable organic food, or real food as I think of it has been a passion of

Ready for Delivery.

Ready for Delivery.

mine. I have continued to study under naturopathic minded doctors and other holistic professionals. I have sought out people with knowledge about cooking fresh food and organic farming. These things are undeniable intertwined. It has been said that our food can be our food can be the safest most powerful form of medicine or the slowest poison. My personal goal is to be intentional, not perfect about the way we eat and continue to learn what I can along the way. We hope that you will enjoy the journey with us!


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