Know Your Produce? Citrus

Originally Posted in Brown Box Newsletter 2013.

The seasons are changing and so is the menu! As a seasonal eater I get excited as I anticipate the new produce coming into season. Citrus is one category that is easy to overlook because there are some types of citrus available year round. February through April is the peak season for many flavors of the citrus family showcased by the most variety and lower prices. Citrus is a great compliment to year round menu and is fun to experiment with the flesh of the fruit, zest, juice and so many varieties. Here is a quick overview of citrus we feature throughout the year:



Spicy Grapefruit is a citrus fruit is often eaten at breakfast, of course. The flesh is white to red depending on variety. The red varieties are sweeter than the white variety.

Grapefruit can be used in any other citrus fruit used to be the judge.


Kumquat is a small citrus fruit with edible skin. They are generally eaten whole in salads and side dishes. It is also used in jams and jellies.

The crust is very soft and the meat is tough. This represents a sharp contrast when you eat of the fruit.

Lemon is one of the most popular items in the list of citrus. This is a small oval fruit with a slightly spicy flavor. Ok beverages, meats, baked goods and is essential for the fish. Meyer lemons are less acidic become very popular in recent years.


Limes are often used in Mexican cuisine and South America for its unique taste. Key Lime Lemon is a very small selection, which grows in the Florida Keys. E “is only for a short period each year. Even if the lemon juice instead of lime will be different than most of the finished product.


The Minneola is a cross between a grapefruit and tangerine.


Orange is one of the most popular of all citrus. Sweet and sour orange is a great snack or an ingredient at any time. Orange and orange when it’s cold. In warm climates, green, yellow to orange.

The best oranges are heavy for their size and has a sweet aroma. Save it for a week at room temperature or refrigerated for longer storage.

Oranges are a type of blood orange, which is purple. They are sweet and a little more acidic than other oranges. Blood Oranges in the U.S. are grown in Texas and California.


The Mandarin is a relative of sweet oranges. Clementine, particularly prized for its sweet flesh and intense flavor of tangerine. Mandarins are very easy to peel and can be used where there is a sweet, fresh citrus fruit on each plate.


The tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and grapefruit. Ugli is a type of tangelo.

Citrus Tip: Citrus juices provide more than pressing at room temperature or slightly warm “in the microwave. The addition of lemon zest, sugar tastes like sugar, tastes like a delicious variety in everything from cereals to tea.



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