Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

whole turkeyThanksgiving is less than 5 weeks away, and who knows, you might just be the one called upon to prepare the big feast. Even if you escape this wonderful task, my guess is that your family will really appreciate some helpful turkey cooking suggestions.

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So, with that in mind, here are some tips, hints and instructions (see below) that can help anyone become a very credible Thanksgiving Day chef. We send these out each year prior to Thanksgiving and the feedback has been consistent – they are incredibly useful and helpful. You can download these tips or by clicking on the image of the flyer below. It’s a singe-sided sheet that is easy to print out, and then have available at the meat counter, check out area, and multiple places throughout your store. Your customers will indeed be happy to see these helpful cooking tips. It’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving… so, let’s get started. Next week, we’ll go over the art of turkey carving. Stay tuned…


Our local turkey farmer was sabotaged by predators this year.

Stay tuned for frozen Organic Turkey options.

Shared with Permission from Simcha Weinstein

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