Pineapple Core Apples

For the next two weeks only we will be featuring a specialty Fuji apple. We are so blessed to have these apples picked and delivered by Wayne, A.K.A. The Apple Guy. It is inspiring to meet new people who live a unique lifestyle in keeping with their beliefs.

Apple Man 3

The Apple Guy and his self described “tribe” family homestead in Oregon. A few times each year they make pilgrimages to organic farms to stock up on things they can’t grow themselves. They pay for their travel expenses by sharing some of their fantastic produce with us and others who enjoy the best of the best organic produce. They also take time to visit and share their strong faith which is fun and encouraging.

Pineapple Core Fuji's

Pineapple Core Fuji’s

Apples are picked in various stages of ripeness with most being picked early. These apples are picked when they are fully ripe making them crisp and extra sweet. Due to the high sugar content they have a different looking core called a pineapple core. Some people describe them as looking as if they had been frozen. They have not been frozen and in fact are delivered to us right after being picked in Eastern Washington. This makes them extra crisp and sweet. Since these apples are able to mature they are more nutritious with higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Here are a few storage tips to make the most of these tasty treats:


~ Your apples will keep the BEST in a consistently cold (30 – 34 degree), dry, dark environment.
~ Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation and spoilage.
~ Inside refrigerator drawers, or concrete garage floors, can be good storage options.
~ How well and long your apples keep is dependent upon you!
~ We know people who have followed these tips; and kept their apples good, with NO spoilage, for 10 – 11 months.


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