Living Well – Food as Medicine

Organic food – real food – is something I have become very passionate about. My passion stems from my own life changing experience. I have become grateful for my own illness because it lead me to a new way of thinking that I know I would not have embraced otherwise. I have become increasingly aware that many other people have had similar experiences. If it isn’t mainstream just yet, with all the living proof it will be soon. Food is medicine.

Food or Poisen

A simple thought when I was little girl has bloomed over the years. I was sitting near a bedside watching a family member die. The idea – one that I had never heard mentioned by any of the big people- bounced up and down in my mind begging for attention. Year after year as I grew older I watched people I loved suffer with chronic illness and disease and then often die from the very treatments that were supposed to “cure” them. My thought was:

 “What if we could prevent the illness instead of cure it?”

A simple thought, but a complex idea in our consumer driven culture. We have been tricked into believing that an apple is an apple. The prettier the package the better the food. The scheme has gone so far that the majority of the so called food eaten in America isn’t actually food at all. People are waking up to the truth about food, but unfortunately for many it is through sickness that they find it. My hope is that my story and sharing other amazing stories of preventative health – or eating real food for wellness might inspire some to avoid the path that leads to sickness, treatments that kill and needless suffering.


In the past ten years I have met so many people who have found wellness after chronic disease. Some of these people are very private about their story because it is not well received by many people. One such woman I met in California. She was a stage three cancer survivor who had been given six months to live. She changed her diet to organic foods, mostly raw and ten years later was running marathons, watching her children graduate from high school and enjoying a healthy cancer free life. She had tried to share her story several times and in one case a doctor in the circle made her feel stupid and suggested that she had simply been misdiagnosed. Perhaps people are more open to me because I try to be open with my own story or because we delivery organic food. I think you might be surprised how many of these people are your neighbors and co-workers.

You may have heard of Chris. He is one of the most well known supporters of preventative health and natural nutrition based healing. He beat cancer without chemo and shares his story on his web site He also lets others share their stories. I love the headlines: Kay is healing pancreatic cancer naturally after treatment failed, Teenager Megan Sherow heals brain cancer with raw food, David refused chemo and healed leukemia naturally and many more. I have found Chris web site to be inspiring. Especially his most recent video that talks about why he does not race for the cure and why you might want to give it a second thought.


As I have grown older and met all these people who have lived differently and found great health the question bouncing around in my mind settled into an answer. We can live a preventative lifestyle! There are no 100% guarantees when it comes to our health and no magic formula. There are many seemingly small choices. A choice to get up and move. A choice to be different than most people in our consumer culture who want the next fancy boxed thing disguised as food. A choice to make meals from real things instead of just buying a box of something and adding water. A choice to look past the shiny red apple to the perhaps less perfect looking apple that isn’t hiding a toxic mix of chemicals that goes cell deep. The answer is real food is medicine and we do have a choice.

Later in life after my childhood questions had settled down in my mind and become a way of life a new questions came to take it’s place.

“If food is medicine why don’t most doctors talk much about food?”

I have not liked any of the answers I have found so far. Several medical doctors have told me that they usually mention food and refer to a dietitian, but that the majority of people do not want to change the way they eat and don’t bother to even visit a dietitian. They would rather have an instant “cure” in the form of prescription. Other doctors have told me that they simply are not familiar with other options that include food or that they have little knowledge of diet and prevention because they did not study them. I have heard many people say they felt that food as a part of preventative lifestyle isn’t given much credit because there isn’t money in it. Food companies are out to make money and the fancy packaged goods is where the most money can be made. Whatever the reason I would love to see every person have access to real food, which is our mission and why we do what we do at Brown Box Organics. I suppose if people don’t choose real food although puzzling to me, it is their own choice to make.

Heart Veggies

I have also heard so many people say they don’t need to eat real food because they take supplements. I very nicely want to point out that supplements are supplemental.

Chis says it this way:

“Remember, a radical change of diet and lifestyle is foundational to healing. Supplements are “supplemental”.  The right supplements can provide additional support to the healing functions in the body, but if you are not willing to make necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle, supplements won’t do you much good. In other words, if you keep eating processed food, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and not moving your body, you are not likely to see much benefit from supplements. Taking supplements without a radical change of diet and lifestyle is like fighting a house fire with a squirt gun…”

If you are ready to live out the truth about food and preventative living I would love to hear from you! Let me know what choices you are making today for wellness.


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  1. admin says:

    Hi Rachel, great post nicely put. Food as a part of a prevention and healing resonates with me too. I’m currently on 100% raw vegan diet and I created a blog about it in case you want to check it out:
    Wishing you all the best in your inspiring venture.

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