Milk – Choices

We are happy to offer milk from two local sources. Let us share more about Cloverleaf and Pleasant View Farms milk.

Diary Cow 1


Cloverleaf Milk

This award winning local milk comes from just a couple hours drive in Buhl Idaho. While many dairies will claim their milk is all natural Cloverleaf has won awards for the humane treatment of their herd and the fantastic flavor of their milk. They grass feed the herd when the season allows and supplement with primarily home grown grains when the grass isn’t green. Other “natural” dairies will opt for cheaper GMO feed.

Cloverleaf milk is lightly pasteurized making it more perishable than most milk found in markets, but also more nutrient dense. Another difference between Cloverleaf and many “natural” milks that attempt to compete is their packaging. Unlike most dairies they do not use either reusable or take and toss plastic, but instead opt for glass bottles that do not leach harmful chemicals into the milk. Cloverleaf stands apart in quality from the beginning to the end product.

Pleasant View Farm Raw Milk

This is a popular choice for customers who prefer the taste of fresh unpasteurized milk or are looking for the unique health benefits raw milk offers. Many people who have found that they cannot tolerate pasteurized milk can drink raw milk. Still, others love to make their dairy from scratch and use raw milk to make yogurt, kefir, butter, cheese and other great dairy products. Our raw milk comes from a small local dairy where the herd is grass fed when the season allows. This small family owned farm is passionate about providing the best quality raw milk and has amazingly low prices that are 30-50% lower than most commercial raw milk providers.

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