New Inspiration for Eating Real Food

happy 2014I love New Year! For some it’s just another day but for me it feels like a clean slate, a fresh start and I am embracing it! My diet has been good, but not great over the past month. I am always thinking of my baby since what I eat will affect him. It’s like having a second conscience and this time of year I need it. Most of my junk food intake this season (pumpkin bread, home made hot chocolate, cranberry cake, must I go on?) has been Organic, but heavier on sugar and refined grains than it should be.

My goal is to boost my produce intake with daily green smoothies for all of January in the place of one meal each day. This isn’t a cleanse (and I am very aware that a true cleanse would be dangerous for my baby just now). It is actually just getting back to what I would normally do anyhow, but just haven’t done as often in the past month because there has been so much other food around. Now I have shared my New Years plan. What’s yours?Looking for some inspiration? Here are some great ideas on healthy eating in the New Year:

Eat More Organic food! Here are a few great reasons why:

heart of produce

Green Smoothie Girl has some nice resources for green smoothies:

100 Days of Real Food has a great story and some useful tips and recipes:

Eat more Produce Tips – from a few years back:  and here:


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