Know Your Produce? Valencia Oranges

Valencia 1Valencia Oranges are in season this time of year. These sweet oranges are most popular for juice makers because of their higher yield of juice than other varieties. Valencia Oranges differ from most varieties of orange in that as they ripen they turn orange and then back to greenish yellow when they are ready to pick. Organic farmers do not use colored wax or spray to pretty them up so they might come looking less orange than you would expect. Don’t let their peel fool you! Inside they are ripe and ready to eat.

Valencia 2Health Fact: Valencia oranges are a good source of vitamin C, fiber and folate.  They also contain antioxidants that help boost immunity.

History Fact: The original Valencia orange was discovered in Valencia, Spain, hence its given name.  It was naturalized in America in the 19th Century.  The Valenica orange is believed to be a descendant of another sweet orange that originated in subtropic China, hence its ability to adapt to subtropical climates in addition to coastal temperate regions of California and tropical climates of Florida.


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