Make the Most of Home Delivery – Tips

One of my personal passions are the simple pleasures of life. Watching the birds making nests in the trees in early spring. The first sprouts popping out of the dark soil. Picking and eating fresh cherry tomatoes in summer. A simple fresh meal made with tasty organic produce. A “discovery” walk in the forest with our little boys. Rocking my baby and singing her my favorite old hymns. Curling up with a hot cup of tea and an old quilt. These are the kinds of moments that make my life.

In our world these and the moments that are dear to you could easily be drown out by the busyness of life. Like many of you I find my self easily swept up in the business of raising four little children, working in our business and farm and the many other responsibilities of every day life. I bet some of you can relate! This is one of the reasons that I am so passionate about what we do here at Brown Box Organics. I really believe that we improve the quality of peoples lives by sharing good food and giving back time.

One of the key things I have found helpful in this season of life is to automate some of the items that would otherwise take regular effort on my part. When things in life that would otherwise take effort just “happen” it frees my time and my mind to live more in the moment. I hope some of you can relate to the need to simplify life in the area of food and shopping and find these tips as helpful as I have!

Lg Variety Box Sept 6

  1. Place a standing order for all of your essentials. This way you know your home will have      the things you really need. It takes a lot of time and extra energy to run      to the store for one or two things not to mention gas and auto expense. (The average trip to the grocery store costs over $4 in auto expense.) Most of our customer’s standing orders look something like this: Variety Box plus their favorite fruit/vegetables, milk, eggs and yogurt.
  2. Make a recurring menu that includes your standing order/stocked up items. For me this means Monday we always have oatmeal, Tuesday smoothies and healthy muffins, etc. If you are not as variety needy as I am you might do great on a schedule like my friend who has oatmeal with her family Monday to Friday and gets      creative on Saturday/Sunday with leftovers.
  3. Stock up &      buy in bulk when it makes sense. Every time I buy a 25 lb. bag of flour I   save myself five times of thinking, listing, shopping for and putting away a 5 lb. bag of flour. It’s a little thing, but with rice, baking ingredients, beans and items we use in larger quantities this really adds up to a significant amount of time/effort.
  4. Shop on-line to save time and money. When you are in the grocery store if you are like  most people you spend twice as long as you expected to and twice the money. Use just a small amount of that time to add items to your weekly delivery. With the money you save you can eat organic and spend less than you did before! Don’t forget to add in the auto expense you save. Another way to save is by shopping our Sale & Feature section.
  5. Prep ahead. When your box arrives you might save time by prepping some items right then. Look for the Salad in a Jar recipe below as an example for a “pre-made” lunch.

PS I know many of  you use Brown Box Organics to simplify your life. Have a testimony, tip or recipe to share? Send it our way. Brown Box Organics is a local family owned business and you are more than just a customer. Your part of our family.

Blessings to you,

Rachel for the Brown Family

About Rachel

Owner @ Brown Box Organics.
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