Heart Healthy Food

Real Food for Real Health

One of my passions is real food that has a positive impact on our health. I believe most Americans health would be greatly impacted if they were able to look at diet as preventative medicine just as my health has become dramatically better.

There is no doubt that our health greatly impacts our quality of life and lifespan. In fact, the majority of preventable death in America is due to poor diet. The amount of people who die from preventable health issues is astounding and out weighs many other types of preventable death that are in the media daily.

heart of produce

Heart Health is just another reminder that we are stewards of our bodies and we only get one. Let’s feed it with non-toxic nourishing fuel for today and for the future!



Top 20 (common) Heart Healthy Foodssalmon packet
1. Salmon
2. Flaxseed (ground) – chia seed is becoming very popular also
3. Oatmeal
4. Black or Kidney Beans
5. Almonds
6. Walnuts
7. Red wine
8. Tuna
9. Tofucandied almond
10. Brown rice
11. Soy milk
12. Blueberries
13. Carrots
14. Spinach
15. Broccoli
16. Sweet potato
17. Red bell pepperschocolate
18. Asparagus
19. Oranges
20. Tomatoes
21. Acorn squash
22. Cantaloupe
23. Papaya
24. Dark chocolate
25. Tea



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