My Mission: To Make Your Life Easier

In this post:

  • What a customer wrote to me this week
  • My Mission: To Make Your Life Easier, Ten years later not much has changed.
  • What a customers shared experience when they did not get Brown Box for a week and went to the store.
  • Link to a short survey.

I love it when customers take time to send a nice e-mail. We received this e-mail this week from a long time customer and it made my day:

Thank you so much for this service!! It is like Christmas at my house…kids excitedly digging through the boxes to see what fruits and veggies they want to eat right now. – Lori

My first little Brownie helping Mama pack deliveries in 2003.

My first little Brownie helping Mama pack deliveries in 2007.

When I started delivering produce to people’s homes in 2002 it was for the simple reason that I thought I might be able to make someone else’s life a little easier. We have moved to Redding, California from the Seattle area in Washington so that my husband could work on his education. While in Washington we had enjoyed easy to come by organic food. The most convenient thing was the produce delivery company that our friends owned. Jim ended up driving deliveries for them part time in addition to his full time work. In very busy home having good food readily available meant we would eat it. If it wasn’t we ate out or ate things that were not so good for us.

I was beyond surprised when we made plans to move to California. I expected that there was fresh food everywhere and that we would have no problem getting real food. Due to my heath organic produce was very important to me. The first thing I did was search on-line for a home delivery company or CSA. There were none. No, not even one. Next I went to the local grocery store. Not much there either. The Health Food store was my last stop. There was a disappointing small selection of day old looking produce.

Brownie #5 teething on a carrot. Feb. 2014.

Brownie #5 teething on a carrot. Feb. 2014.

I knew we were moving to a smaller town, but I expected to at least find some real food! I knew that there had to be some food around somewhere so I contacted the local agriculture department and started tracking down farmers and ranches. I found some that were within driving distance who would be willing to sell directly to me. Great! Except now I was committing myself to several hours of driving each week with infant in tow to get said real food. While I was at it I might as well do the same for a few other people, right? The pieces came together and somewhere along the way I knew this is what I was supposed to be doing. I found my first customers and began weekly delivery to a handful of people about two weeks after we had moved.

Not much has changed even though our family has grown, we have moved back to my husbands “hometown” to raise our family. Our goal today is still to make eating real food convenient for people in our community. The idea of home delivery might be new for some people, but it is really an old fashioned idea dating back to past generations when people woke up to fresh milk and produce on their doorstep. It is an idea that appeals to all kinds of people with all kinds of diets and budgets. We like to think we are accomplishing our purpose here one door step at a time.


Here just a few of the things that we hear people say they like best about ordering from Brown Box instead of shopping at the grocery store:

  • Saves them time
  • Keeps good food stocked up in the home
  • Saves gas money
  • Keeps people from impulse buying things not in their budget and that they don’t really      need/junk food
  • It’s fun to get food on your doorstep
  • It’s exciting to try new things (Variety Box)
  • Like to support local and family owned business
  • Like to support local farms in the growing season

I am always hoping that the delivery service and fresh real food is adding value to the lives of other people. I know it makes a world of difference in my own life. People are the motivator for what we do. We hear amazing stories all the time of people who, like us, have experienced amazing health improvements by changing their diet. Here is a different kind of story. Earlier this week a long time customer shared what it was like for them when they cancelled their usual delivery for a week and went shopping:

“Here’s a fun story from our end. We have been trying to stretch the food budget, so I canceled our last box. My husband and I went to Whole Foods with a list of prices and box contents. We compared prices and realized that Brown Box costs only $5 more than the same items at Whole Foods. Wow! (They didn’t even have organic cucumbers, so the difference might be less.)

The whole process ended up being a LOT more time and effort. I had to hunt through the produce, figure out what was on sale, weigh everything, calculate prices and figure out the right mix of fruits and veggies. I would gladly pay $5 for this! It also was harder to plan our menu and other groceries around the produce, since I didn’t know what would be on sale. I bought too many fruits and not enough veggies….and the apples aren’t as good! AND it didn’t show up on our doorstep. 🙂

Anyway, the experience made us both appreciate Brown Box even more!  Thought I’d let you know that the value really is terrific!” – Kay Lynn

Cucumbers were $2.99 this particular week. I am constantly thinking about how we can add value to our customer’s lives through Brown Box delivery service. That is why we have such high standards and won’t deliver milk and produce with chemicals in it to your door step. It just doesn’t seem right. We want to treat every customer like a friend and give them good things. Maybe this is how so many of our customers have become our good friends! How can we save you more of both time and money? Would you like to help me out? If you live in the TreasureValley area please share your thoughts by participating in this short ten question survey. We will use the information to keep Brown Box on mission.

Thank you!

Rachel for the Browns

Link to Survey:


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