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appleMost people who know about Brown Box think residential “door step” grocery service. While that is true many people do not know that we also deliver to business. More and more employers are realizing that great food has a positive impact on employee productivity. Some use our service to bring fresh and on the shelf snack options to their break room. Others use our service for their company events. Many people are now using Brown Box delivery or Gift Certificates as employee, customer or vendor gifts.

Does your business use Brown Box? If not please share this post or request some fliers to share at work.

We asked a long time business customer to answer a few questions about how ordering from Brown Box makes sense for their company.

E-mail Interview with Dawn at Smoke Guard, Inc.

Who is your employer and how long have you been with them?  Smoke Guard, Inc.  10 years.

Who had the idea to order food from Brown Box for your company?  I did.  We stock the break room weekly with food and I made decision to add a delivery from Brown Box in addition to our standard grocery store purchases.

Why do you order natural/organic foods for your company?  To encourage our employees to choose healthy options for snacks.

Do you think more companies should consider ordering food for their break room and employees? Absolutely, it’s a great benefit.  It keeps employees fueled up without having to leave work and take time out of their break.



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