Know Your Produce? Pluots

Know Your Produce? Pluots

Pluot and blueberry tart.

Pluot and blueberry tart.

Pluot season is coming to an end. This delicious cross between and apricot and plum come in a variety of flavors and colors. If you receive a doorstep delivery of any of our Variety Boxes you have tasted several varieties this year already. As the season changes the end of summer varieties will come and go quickly. If these are new to you here are the basics:

Pluots have been readily available for about a decade.

They were very expensive at first, but as more farmers have cultivated them the prices have become closer to plums and less than most apricots.

pluot 1Pluots have a similar texture to plums but are much sweeter.

Firm pluots should be stored on the counter until just tender. Once ripe they should be refrigerated because they will deteriorate quickly.

Ripe pluots are very juicy!

Dapple Dandy and Flavor Rich are the two most popular varieties of pluots, but in our opinion the Honey Punch that are in season just now are by far the best overall flavor.

pluot treeSome people have given Pluots the name dinosaur egg due to the marbled appearance of certain varieties. This week you will be sampling the Flavor Rich Variety.

In coming seasons you will likely see even more Pluots and their cousin Apriums. They are growing in popularity in the U.S. and abroad. We think that they taste great and love to try something new once in awhile.



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