Next Week’s Menu – Be Good Food Inspired!

produce basketHave you ever been in a cooking or eating rut? Same old thing, completely uninspired? That very problem was one of the first things to draw me to the idea of home delivery of fresh real foods. A box full of “surprises” waiting on my doorstep each week? Sign me up! Nothing inspires me more to eat good things than to have good things sitting right in front of me.

Next week’s Variety Box Menus are posted. What delicious eating possibilities do you see in the Large Box Menu below?

I see chicken parmesan with spaghetti squash and marinara, grilled peaches over local ice cream, fish tacos with lime, cabbage and red peppers, grilled balsamic pork/zucchini/onion/red pepper kabobs over rice, oatmeal banana bread muffins, fruit tart with peach and kiwifruit – I could go on. BE GOOD FOOD INSPIRED WITH ME!

1 ea. Squash, Spaghetti (small)
1 bn. Carrots, bunched with top
1/2 lb. Limes, Green
1.5 lb. Pear, Star Krimson (red)
1 ea. Cabbage, Green
1 lb. Peaches, Yellow (local) – End of season.
0.5 lb. Onions, Sweet Yellow (x-lg)
0.5 lb. (about 6 kiwi) Kiwifruit
0.75 lb. Tomatoes, Roma
1 lb. Squash, Green Zucchini (local) – Best price of the season!
1 ea. Peppers, Red Bell (Lg) (local)
2 lb. Bananas
see more Variety Boxes on our web site at:       Click FRESH THIS WEEK

To celebrate National Organic Month and Idaho Organic Month we are giving away some great things including a Large Variety Box this month. To be entered simply like, comment or share any of our many blog or Facebook posts. Thank you!


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One Response to Next Week’s Menu – Be Good Food Inspired!

  1. Kay Lynn says:

    I put spaghetti squash + marinara on this week’s meal plan, thanks to this inspiration! Can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon when the box arrives!

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