Know Your Produce? Kiwiberries



Berry meet kiwi. Kiwi meet berry. And you have kiwiberries!

They are the peel-less, fuzz-less cousin of the more well-known kiwifruit. Brought from Asia to the United States in the 1800s, the kiwi berry packs a big nutritional punch as the most nutrient-dense of all major fruits. One berry has five times the vitamin C content of an orange and twice the amount of vitamin E as an avocado. From folic acid and antioxidants to fiber and chromium, kiwi fruits contain 20 nutrients that are connected to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and slowed aging.

Not just good for you, kiwi berries are delicious! Each variety has a unique flavor and color and their smooth skins make them the perfect snack. They can be eaten fresh, in salads, salsas, dessert sauces, ice cream and sorbets. Their tropical tastes pair well with orange, honey, and chocolate.

Kiwi berries should be allowed to ripen at room temperature. When they are ready to be enjoyed, the berries will turn a dark green color and feel slightly soft to the touch. Unlike most fruits, they are not ready to eat until they look wrinkled and soft. Once they are ripe, store them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks or eat immediately. Let them come back up to room temperature before eating.

We are excited that it is Kiwiberry season! These tasty mini fruits are in the Gourmet Variety Box this week and can also be purchased ala carte with any order.


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