How Does Brown Box Stack Up?

People ask me all the time how Brown Box compares. That’s valid, but difficult question! There are a lot of things to compare to get an accurate answer here. Of course, we hope that Brown Box is a fantastic value, which is why we always keep our prices low instead of marking them very high and then selling you a discount deal.

Brown Box Large Variety Box

Brown Box Large Variety Box

Here are some of the things that make Brown Box unique:

  • locally owned and operated
  • we work with local and family owned farms first
  • we deliver to your doorstep
  • we ONLY carry Certified Organic produce
  • we are USDA Certified to Handle Organic Produce
  • we carry an assortment of other natural and organic food such as milk, eggs, cheese, locally raised meat and more
  • we care about every customer and guarantee every item we deliver

How do you compare someone else sourcing and packing up your fresh food? The value of your time might be difficult to quantify. Many people have told me they save a good percentage on food simply by avoiding supermarkets. Others have told me they stick to good eating better by avoiding stores stocked primarily with processed foods. How do you value that? Then there is the auto expenses. Since I don’t personally shop other places frequently and when I do it is for items I simply can’t get from Brown Box I have to take the word of our customers. Here is what we have heard recently:

“I tried buying produce from another company because of a discount deal that looked really good. Their produce wasn’t as good. The “value” was supposed to be five dollars more than what I usually pay for the Small Variety Box, but ended up being about half the quantity. I just want to thank you for offering a real value to customers. I know we will be weekly customers for many years to come.”  – Teri

Another box company delivery shared by customer.

Another box.

“Thanks for checking up on us!! I appreciate it. Everything was great, and I wish I would have started with you much sooner! Thank you for having this business. I try to minimize trips to the store to once a month and having the weekly produce (and all organic) makes it much easier to stay home!” – Amanda



“It is like Christmas every Tuesday! Thank you for home delivery. It saves me so much time and we eat much better than we did before Brown Box.” – Jen

Another Box Company box equivalent to Large Variety Box.

Another Box Company box equivalent to Large Variety Box.

We would love to be the best option for everyone in the Treasure Valley by making good food convenient. Have an idea on how Brown Box Organics can work harder for our community or you? Please e-mail us. We love to hear from you!

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