Local Turkey & Holiday Meal Bundle 2014

FRESH (and Frozen) Local Turkey!

whole turkeyI am very excited about our FRESH local turkey this year. Last year the farm we have sourced with had lost most of their baby turkey to predators. It was a tough year to get local turkey! This year we have much better luck with both FRESH and frozen options.  These local turkeys are an amazing value! Fresh, not frozen offers the very best texture and flavor. Now, we have never compared our prices to other local markets in the past, but I feel like you should know what a great value you will be getting with these turkeys. Other local “natural” foods stores are selling fresh turkey from the same farm for $2-5 per lb. more. And they don’t deliver! Do you love turkey year round? Would you like local turkey for Christmas or other holiday meals in the future? Now is the time to stock up. Ask about our multiple turkey discount. I will be freezing several to make amazing turkey soup, bone broth and my husbands favorite turkey enchiladas this winter.

Order deadline is November 17th, but order early because we will undoubtedly sell out before the deadline. These are pre-order prepay since we will be getting them just for you! You can order on-line or by phone. Turkey’s will be delivered Saturday November 22nd. We will call or e-mail your specific delivery date and time.

Details: We collect the deposit at the time of delivery. The deposit is the minimum cost for the weight range you have ordered. If your turkey is a little bigger but within the range you requested any balance due will be billed on the day you receive the turkey. The price is $4.49 per pound. Click here to get to our web site or simply search for Turkey.

12 lb. and under $54.00

13-16 lb. $58.50

16-21 lb. $72.00

Over 21 lb. $95.00

We also have a multiple turkey discount of 5%. Ask for the discount when you place your order!

holiday meal bundleNOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER:

HOLIDAY FEAST BUNDLE. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other gathering! $49.99. SAVE $10.00 if you order before November 15th! Click here for details. Free home delivery within our delivery area.


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