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Warm Yam Muffins with Ginger Butter

These muffins are delicious with or without the ginger butter. Very simple to make. Very low in fat and calories compared to most muffins. Freeze well. I make extra and use leftovers from meals when baked yams were the side.   … Continue reading

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Weeknight Quick: Bean and Veggie Soup

It is cold out and you would love to sit down to a warm bowl of soup that has been simmering in the dutch oven all day. Too bad your dutch oven is empty when you get home! With this … Continue reading

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Why Organic Matters, Beyond Our Plates

When it comes to organic foods, we often tend to hear most about the benefits they may provide to our personal health, such as higher levels of certain antioxidants, lower pesticide loads, and, at least in the case of strawberries, … Continue reading

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Local Turkey & Holiday Meal Bundle 2014

FRESH (and Frozen) Local Turkey! I am very excited about our FRESH local turkey this year. Last year the farm we have sourced with had lost most of their baby turkey to predators. It was a tough year to get local turkey! … Continue reading

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