Ten Foods I Keep On Hand

apple bannerReady to stock your pantry with real food for a real good New Year? I am right there with you and wanted to share this great list of foods to keep in stock. My method for making sure I have all the basic whole foods I need to eat clean is simple. Home delivery. These are the kinds of foods I keep on my standing order so I never run out and I am prepared for making real food meals. If you have some tips to keep the processed foods out and your home filled with real food please share!

Here’s what I like to keep on hand at all times:

  1. Eggs. I scramble them with mushrooms and onions or make them into a frittata with leftover greens. My husband likes fried eggs, particularly in a sandwich with cheese, on days when I don’t have much time. For the children I keep a few boiled eggs in the fridge to eat for a protein snack. Eggs are also in almost every baking recipe I use regularly.
  2. Olives. These are always great for salads, pasta, frittatas and snacks when you need a salt hit but don’t want to get into the potato chips. Taco salad, taco soup or taco casserole are all easy meals for a quick real food meal.
  3. Avocados. It just takes a moment to smash it on toast or cut it into a salad, and it makes even the plainest meal seem indulgent. We love it on sandwiches and our little ones like wedges of avocado plain for snack time.
  4. Lettuce. When there’s nothing to eat, there’s always salad. Even a minimalist salad with good olive oil and lemon tastes great with a sprinkle of toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I also love lettuce wraps. My favorite this time of year are roasted turkey, cream cheese and cranberry sauce or grilled chicken, cabbage carrot and sesame dressing.
  5. Lean proteins like chicken, turkey, tuna or tofu. The trick is to have it cooked and ready to go for salads, pasta, sandwiches and snacks. We do not eat meat at every meal, but having it ready to eat is key to making quick mid day meals.
  6. Cooked grains. Store cooked brown rice, barley, and farro in the freezer so you can defrost for a quick grain salad. Quinoa cooks so quickly there’s no reason to see if it behaves in the freezer. No time to cook yourself? Stock up on Gretchen’s pre-cooked and frozen grains. We stock Quinoa, Brown Rice and Wheat berries.
  7. Roasted yams. I roast them after dinner and then stash them in the fridge, wrapped in foil and ready for breakfast or snacks.
  8. Fresh Fruit. Natures easy sweet snack food. Also perfect for a lighter dessert or salad. This time of year tree fruits like apples and pears can be stored for a little longer than summer fruit. Keep them in a cold place. Many people I know keep bulk quantities of these kinds of fruits in their garage in the winter here in Idaho.
  9. Winter Squash. They won’t go bad quickly so no harm in stocking up. Squash is great as a side dish, stuffed for a main dish, in salads (like our recently shared Butternut and Sage Risotto) or as a soup. My favorite soup is Butternut with Leek and Kale, Chicken and Butternut. Whatever you decide to make winter squash are flavorful real food that is really easy to keep on hand.
  10. Grass Fed Beef Roast. I left this for last because I know it isn’t for everyone. It absolutely is for my Parma, Idaho born and raised husband. He loves grass fed beef. I love that a roast is a hearty and filling center piece to a meal on cold winter nights. Roasts are no fuss because they go from the freezer to the slow cooker or dutch oven frozen. Pair with veggies, salad or whatever you have on hand for a great meal. Looking for a twist on traditional pot roast? Search our Chinese Pot Roast recipe.



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