Know Your Produce? Comice Pear

comice pearsThis time of year we feature this specialty pear in our Variety Boxes. What is so special about this pear? The Comice Pear are the sweetest and juiciest of all pears. They are tend to be the most expensive variety of pear because they are considered a specialty fruit. Sometimes called “Christmas Pears” you may see them sold in gourmet fruit baskets this time of year. Because the skin of the Comice pear is very thin it may appear to be bruised. This is not usually an indicator of damage to the soft creamy interior, but care should be taken even before ripening. To ripen place in a paper bag or fruit ripening bowl at room temperature. You can tell that the pear is ripened for eating when you apply gently pressure near the stem and the fruit slightly gives. The extreme juiciness of this pear makes it a poor choice for cooking. Comice pears are delicious served with soft cheese like brie or any of the blues.

We hope you enjoy this seasonal treasure! To add pears to your order ala carte visit our Certified Organic Fruit category.



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