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produce pile 3The definition of a Raw Foodist varies and has yet to be put into the most referenced dictionaries in the United States. Robert Allen Ross defines a Raw Foodist as anyone who eats 75% of their diet as raw, whole, live uncooked food. The reason he states, “At this level your body can eliminate the toxins in cooked food as fast as you eat them. More cooked food results in a build-up of toxins that creates disease.” The toxins he speaks of are not the type only found in conventionally grown produce. The Raw Foodist philosophy typically embraces organic foods and many raw foodists are also vegan. This does not mean that the raw foodist uses no heat whatsoever, but it must not be warmed above 118 degrees. Roxanne Klein, a noted Raw Foodist explains, “Heating food above 118 degrees destroys enzymes, which are the catalyst for all metabolic processes.”

If you think that the raw food lifestyle is outrageous and would never make it in real life think again. Raw foods stores and restaurants are opening up everywhere. Books and resources are on the rise. The Raw Foodist community is growing even in rural areas. In addition, more typical Americans are making conservative changes from processed foods to whole living foods. Even right here in Idaho Raw foods are becoming increasingly popular. We have been told that there are some raw food groups in Boise and know of a Raw Food Café and grocer in Ketchum. The web is full of resources and recipes.

So what would inspire someone to go raw? With over 50% of the American population considered chronically ill it should be no surprise that many are looking to feel well. Health problems that have become more common such as obesity and cancer may be one reason. The simple logic of how our bodies process food may be another. What better way than to just eat well? If this all sounds a little fruit and nutty to you then you might be pleasantly surprised at the expanse of recipes for raw foods that can be included in virtually any diet. Raw foods can be delicious and very flavorful. It’s not just carrot sticks with dip anymore. Raw lasagna, burgers, desserts and more can be part of the menu. Even if you are not likely to become a Raw Foodist anytime soon it never hurts to learn more and continue to make small changes to your diet so that you can feel and live well.

Looking for some raw food inspiration? There are tons of recipes on the internet and even here on our site. Here is one popular link:





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