5 Tips To Make the Most of Home Delivery

We want our service be valuably impactful to your life. Every persons life looks a little different, but one thing we all have in common is the need for real clean food. Eating well allows us the energy and nutrition we need to do the things that matter most to us personally. With this in mind we would love to share some loyal customer inspired ideas for making the most of Brown Box Organics convenient home delivery service of fresh food so you can make the most of your life.

4.29.15 Large Variety Box

4.29.15 Large Variety Box

1. Place a Standing Order. A Standing Order simply means you will get those items on the schedule you select. The most popular are weekly and every other week. Having a standing order eliminates the need for a last minute run to the store for one thing, that turns into five that are usually over priced and often not the healthiest options. Standing order works best for items you always need on hand. Our most popular standing order items are; Variety Box produce, milk, eggs and bread. Going away? Putting your order on hold is as simple as ticking the dates on your delivery schedule you will be away and submitting.

2. Add to your order. Adding to your standing order each week takes just a few minutes and can save you a lot of time. Even if the item you are adding would cost a little less elsewhere our customers have found they still save a lot of time and money by not running to the store.

3. Take stock. When your order arrives take a few minutes to take stock of the contents. Are there any items that need a drink or special treatment to maintain shelf life like lettuce? Are there any very perishable items like berries that need to be eaten or frozen right away? Are there any items that need to ripen on the counter. Making these adjustments helps make the most of the fresh produce in your delivery.

4. Stock up on non perishables. By stocking up on non perishables just a few times each year and matching that with home delivery of your fresh goods you will have everything you need on hand all the time. There are also several new companies that ship non perishable natural groceries to your home at reasonable prices. You might never need to grocery shop again! Get 15% off at one such company with the following link to Thrive Market: http://thrv.me/tYZjQr

5. Have fun! With all the time you save not standing in line at the grocery store you may want to invest yourself in some new recipes. Trying new techniques or types of produce can make preparing good food and eating it so much more fun!

Thank you for shopping with http://www.brownboxorganics.com. We appreciate every customer, every order, every time. When you shop with Brown Box Organics you support local business and a great group of local, family owned, organic farms and food artisans.


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