Keeping it Fresh – Tips for Warmer Weather

coolerIt’s that time of year that warm weather will make it a little more challenging to keep fresh things fresh. We would love to share some tips for fresh food storage. Our #1 tip is to invest in a cooler and stock it with reusable ice packs or frozen water bottles. This is perfect to leave out on delivery day and to use for car travel trips.  If you are not already doing this just leave a note in your usual delivery place asking for items to be left in the cooler. We will be very happy to accommodate!

Planning a lot of travel? Pausing your delivery is easy – just click your delivery schedule link and tick the weeks you will be away. Stocking up for a vacation is just as simple. If you are travelling by car a cooler, reusable ice packs and a little forethought can go a long way. We have found that we have a lot more energy and enjoy our travelling better when we plan ahead and stock up on easy to bring along fresh foods. Looking for some ideas for travel ready food? Here are a few ideas:

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  • Fresh fruit that doesn’t need cut or you have prepared in containers. This may seem obvious, but fresh fruit is so easy to take along and very hydrating in the heat of summer. However, I rarely see people enjoying this at the places we picnic.
  • Snack size bags or containers filled with grab and go veggies. Our favorites are; snap peas, mini peppers, baby carrots, celery sticks and chopped cauliflower. Cucumber sliced ahead and bagged served with hummus is a perfect travel snack.
  • Dried fruit/vegetables. We love to make dried apples anytime of the year. Other ideas are raisin, berry mix, fruit flats and cinnamon apples.
  • Salad in a Jar/container. We love these ready to go mason jar salads. They do need to be kept cool. We especially seem to love Asian with grilled chicken, Cesar or Spinach with candied almonds and local feta style cheese in the summer months.
  • Berries, granola and yogurt. Great alternative to a fast food breakfast when  you are on the road. We use the small pre-packed yogurts when we travel and just sprinkle the granola and berries. When we are in a pinch or with small children we use straws and just puncture the foil top and use the Wallaby yogurt as a snack.
  • Raw organic nuts or nut blends. We put out the dried fruit and nuts and let the kids make their own blend when we are travelling. For little children I like to cut the dried fruits into small pieces with kitchen shears. Sometime I have added some organic o’s or small crackers. I usually safety pin the reusable bag to the car seat within reach so it is less likely to dump out in the car.
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks are prepackaged in single serve and nice with a fruit and vegetable picnic. Many kinds of cheese travel well, but the prepackaging makes these especially easy.
  • Organic beef jerky is on the list of travel ready organic food for a few in our family. It isn’t fresh, but on the other hand our organic jerky isn’t overly processed like a lot of foods you might find easily accessible when you travel.

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