Foods That Help The Body Detoxify Naturally


With so many diets on the market it can be challenging to find a suitable detox program. Fortunately many foods are naturally detoxifying, and you can eliminate toxins from the body simply by eating healthy and nutritious natural foods. These fruits and vegetables are some of the best ingredients for a natural body detox.

Naturally Detoxifying Foods

A natural body detox involves healthy nourishing foods that also boost the metabolism and improve the elimination of toxins from the body. These are some of the best detoxifying foods:

  • Artichokes are good for the liver, and the liver is one of the most important organs of elimination in the body.
  • Apples contain pectin, a soluble fiber that can help the body to get rid of food additives. Apples are also a great source of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, which are useful in a detox. It is best to choose organic apples that do not contain chemical pesticides.
  • Beets are excellent for health. They lower blood pressure, they can help to lose weight, they purify the blood and they can help to cleanse the liver. They are general detoxifiers and cleansers that are an important addition to any detox.
  • Asparagus is one of the best vegetables for detoxing. It helps the liver to get rid of toxic substances in the body by boosting liver drainage. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and it is believed to have anti-aging benefits too.
  • Wheatgrass belongs to every detox. It cleanses the internal organs, it stimulates metabolism and it protects the liver. Wheatgrass juice lowers the blood’s acidic and it also lowers blood pressure.
  • Basil is an excellent digestive herb. It promotes healthy digestion, it has diuretic properties and it supports kidney function. It is an antibacterial herb and it is also full of antioxidants.

Many other fruits, vegetables and herbs have detoxifying properties, and you can include a variety of fresh produce in a detox program. There is no need to invest in expensive supplements; it is possible to eliminate toxins from the body while eating healthy nourishing foods.

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