Huckleberry Potatoes and Humidifier

231-08030-potato-huckleberryI am really very excited to share about two very different new things right now. Next week our Variety Boxes will be featuring a fantastic variety of Potato that most people are not familiar with, the Huckleberry. I love produce and get excited pretty easily, but potatoes are on my least likely list for excitement. These however are so good I can’t help but tell. The exterior can range from a red to purple hue. The interior is a buttery yellow. These potatoes are quickly gaining notoriety for their excellent flavor. They are also lower on the glycemic index than white flesh potatoes and contain a variety of important nutrients. Due to being cultivated in small amounts and being in high demand we will very likely only have availability for a couple of weeks. So order and enjoy while you can!

This is just a fantastic week for the Variety Boxes with these beautiful Huckleberry Potatoes, Rainbow Carrots, Royal Mandarins and more in all the boxes. To check the meny or order follow the link here.


Humidifier & Diffuser

The next thing I wanted to share is this humidifier and diffuser. Right after moving back to Idaho in 2006 our toddler had a chronic cough with no other symptoms. We visited a naturally minded Pediatritian. He recommended running a humifier in the childrens rooms due to the very dry climate here in Treasure Valley. Sure enough coughing stopped within one day. I ran that humidifier for years, ultimately to it’s demise. So being in the market for another I noticed a humifier that was also a diffuser similar to this one at my Chiropractors office. A humidifier and diffuser in one. Perfect! I often use a diffuser with citrus oil to clean and refresh the air. I love that it feels like I am accomplishing two things at once. It’s also very pretty with the colors and easy to refill. I purchased this diffuser a few months ago. Several people have noticed it and asked where I bought it. Today I saw it again and it is now greatly discounted listed at $25.99 instead of the $49.99. I wanted to share for all those who had been asking.  Click here for a direct link. Essential Oil Diffuser,URPOWER® Aromatherapy Diffuser Portable Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier with 7 Color Changing LED Lamps, Mist Mode Adjustment and Waterless Auto Shut-off Function – for Home Office


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