Chop Salad – My favorite today.

chopped saladI get bored really easily which is one of the many appeals of seasonal eating. Each season I love to enjoy the best of that particular season. My favorite salad this season is Chop Salad. There are endless combinations that make a good Chop Salad but the reason I so love them this season is that my favorites include apples or pears. Here is what I am eating today:

Combine chopped ingredients:

4 cups chopped lettuce, cabbage or greens. Today I used red cabbage and romaine.

1 large apple. Here I used Gala.

2 Tablespoons crumbled feta. I am using locally sourced Feta Style cheese.

4 Large pitted dates, chopped

1/8 cup chopped nuts. Today I used walnuts.

Other things I commonly add in when I have them on hand: chopped kale, pears, dried cranberries, other nuts and sometimes candied pecans, cucumber, cooked chopped beets.

I find this salad so sweet with the fruit and dates that I don’t need a dressing. However when I make it with cranberries I sometimes top with a home made or store bought dressing. Home made berry dressing or lemon dressing are great choices and quick to whip together. Lighthouse has an organic Huckleberry that is good. Panera has a raspberry that is not organic but is easy to find. Both would go great with this type of salad. I have also tried several recipes that include lean protein like cooked chopped chicken. They are good and add important protein. They just are not my favorite so I don’t make them as often.


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