Cooking Class Review: Sur La Table

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I have long seen the need to pair the Brown Box Organics real food delivered to your door experience with hands on cooking classes. Everyone agrees that great meals start with great ingredients. What I have learned over the years is that great meals just don’t make themselves once the great ingredients land on your door step. The person preparing needs to have some skills and a decent recipe to come up with a great end product. This is where our partnership with Sur La Table is so exciting! Sur La Table has all types of cooking classes for all types of chef or chef to be. From children to seasoned Culinary Artists the classes range in difficulty, skill and theme. Every single class looks like it would be fun.

Once we had determined that we would partner with Sur La Table for Healthy Cooking Classes at the Village we were very excited to try one ourselves. I signed up for a “Date Night in Spain” themed class on a Saturday night at the end of January. I was excited to learn and cook with my favorite person, my husband. It was perfect timing because it was also our nineteenth anniversary. It was especially fun to remember what cooking was like those early years when we had very little skills often trying to be self-taught in techniques with a library book about cooking. Let me just say I have found that when it comes to cooking that books and cooking shows are fun, but hands on is the way to gain a skill. Knowing how something is done is very different than being able to actually something in the kitchen. That is the beauty of these classes! You get to actually practice the skill.

We arrived early to look around the store. I love cooking so Sur La Table store is always such fun. They seem to have new things every time I stop by. We were especially excited to find the perfect color baking dish for a friend’s house warming. We didn’t buy it on the spot, thought because we remembered that cooking class participants receive a 10% off coupon to use in the store the day of their class.

When we went into the classroom we were warmly welcomed by the Teaching Chef and other employees helping set up for the class. They pointed out an apron and had us fill out a name tag. We were offered freshly brewed coffee and showed a station where we would be working. We had a seat and waiting as the class participants arrived. Once they had class started right on time.

As we began the class the Teaching Chef gave an overview and then some basic information on knife handling and other tools at our station. I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t a lot of sales type talk. The Chef did a fantastic job explaining the tools, types of knives and cookware used but in a very useful to the task on hand way. I feel that the tools should speak for themselves and they did. We specifically looked for the type of instant read meat thermometer used in the class to replace ours because it really was a great tool.

As we continued the class I really appreciate the time. Sometimes life is really busy. This class was two hours long. It was really great to enjoy the cooking and learning process and not feel rushed. Many of the items that didn’t take skill to measure and prepare were waiting for us such as the sherry, shrimp, chickpeas. Items that would need chopped or prepared in any way were also there waiting for us. It was a very relaxing way to cook.

Another thing I really enjoyed were the great ingredients. There were some really fun additions to the ingredient list and even though we didn’t choose one of the specifically “heathy” cooking classes all of the recipes featured real food. Something we had never had before for example was Braised Kale & Chickpeas. It was flavored with lemon, garlic, shallot, parsley and other great fresh ingredients. It turned out delicious.

Finally the best part is always the eating. We were able to enjoy some of each course we had prepared including a delicious Almond Tarte for dessert. It was a wonderfully relaxing date night that included one thing I love even more than cooking, eating!

I hope that this review will inspire many of our customers and friends to take advantage of the fantastic classes the Sur La Table provides. They are a unique and fun experience that can provide lifelong skills in Culinary Arts. We are really glad that we participated and hope to enjoy a class again soon.

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