Green Beans and Potatoes, Grilled/Roasted

roasted green beans and potatoes

Is it just me or does food just taste better outdoors? Even the simplest recipes seem delicious to me when we are eating and cooking outside.

Grilled Potatoes and Green Beans is one of the really simple recipes I enjoy preparing and eating outdoors. If you do not have a vegetable holder for the grill a foil packet works great also. This recipe is easy to make camping on the campfire grill.


8 oz. Green Beans, stems removed and halved

1 lb. red or yellow potatoes, chopped into about ¾ inch pieces or smaller

Salt & Pepper

Butter or oil of your choice

Optional: Fresh herbs, seasoning salt, garlic, green onions

Directions: Toss the green beans, potatoes, oil and salt and pepper. Grill in a vegetable holder for the grill or foil packet for about 20 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

I love to add in a pinch of seasoning salt, heaping teaspoon of fresh chopped garlic and a tablespoon of fresh chopped herbs like Flat Leaf Parsley or Rosemary before grilling. When done I finish by sprinkling with chopped green onions. These things are not necessary and when we make this camping I usually omit them to keep packing minimal.


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