Sunburst Summer Squash and the Grill

kabob 2Have you noticed Summer Squash on the menu lately? Our boxes feature the best of the season and summer squash is now here in abundance!

I love the brilliant colors of summer squash and how easy this particular veggie is to work into the menu. When I don’t have a recipe that specifically features summer squash I often slice it thin and serve it as a raw side dish or toss it in the salad. It is really easy to shred summer squash and add it into quesadillas, tacos, burritos, soup or stirred into heavier sauces like pasta sauce or lasagna. On the really warm days my very favorite way to use summer squash is on the grill.

I can’t get enough of the concentrated flavor that grilled veggies offer. Summer squash is no different. I also really like that they take just a few minutes to chop and cook. I am not sure what I love more; the beautiful and bright colors or the tasty little charred edges. Grilled kabobs are one of my summertime favorites.

To prepare kabobs first soak skewers if they are wooden. If you have metal skewers you may want to spritz with a little oil. I love all different kinds of marinades for my kabobs. Some of the most used in our home are:

Garlic & Lemon: Fresh diced garlic, tossed with lemon juice, just a teaspoon olive oil and chopped fresh parsley if we happen to have it. We usually use this marinade with chicken or shrimp in addition to the veggies.

Simple Seasoned: Just a little olive oil and home made seasoning salt. This one tends to end up on our beef kabobs.

Fresh Herbed: Any mix of fresh herbs, salt and oil. We most often like basil and Italian parsley. I love to serve this with Parsley & Lemon rice. To prepare the rice simply cook rice (or we use farrow) according to package. Toss with sea salt, black pepper, freshly chopped Italian parsley and juice from one lemon. So delicious!

As for other recipes you are limited only by your imagination and after that there is always 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful summer’s end filled with the bounty and beautiful flavors of summer produce.

Happy Eating!

Rachel Brown

kabob 3


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