Grilled Peaches

It’s been a great summer with time slipping by a little too quickly. We have posted a little less over the summer, but continued to collect great recipes along the way. A lot of our summer cooking has been outdoors and simple meals that make the most of the seasonal produce.

One of the most popular fruits of the season is not so popular at my house. Peaches are juicy, sweet and delicious, right? For some reason none of us love them as grab and go options. None of us love them in pies or preserves either. That doesn’t stop us from using several pounds each week because we do love them in smoothies with berries, with yoghurt and also grilled. Grilling peaches caramelizes some of the sweet peach juice and tastes delicious with yoghurt, ice cream or just a touch of whipped cream.

grilled peaches

Grilling peaches or any stone fruit is very simple. Half the fruit and remove the pit. From there you can use your creativity. You can grill them plain or sprinkle with honey, brown sugar, cinnamon or your favorite sugar. Place on the grill flesh side down and grill over very low heat to avoid burning the fruit or added sugars. This takes just a few minutes. Enjoy!

We hope you are having a beautiful summer filled with great moments, memories and great food.


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