Farm Eggs. What Is the Difference?

If you haven’t had pasture raised eggs before you are missing out! Taste test them yourself and if you are really curious we invite you to do a side-by-side comparison of a commercially raised egg from caged chickens and natural pasture raised eggs. Eggs are a staple at our house. We go through about four dozen each week. Does that make me an egg expert? No, but even a novice can see and taste the difference with these beautiful local eggs.

People ask me all the time about where to start when transitioning from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a healthy diet and because of my story I always suggest Organic Fruits and Vegetables first and foremost, but eggs are a good runner up. I am not a doctor so these might be great questions to ask your doctor and nutritional specialist. One thing I know for certain: There is a big difference between eggs. 

First thing you will notice is that the shells are less uniform on farm eggs and typically harder. This is a good thing! Healthier birds that have plenty of minerals in their diet produce thicker shells. The second thing you will notice is the difference in color inside. Commercially raised eggs are runnier and have less color in the yolks. Organic and commercial free-range are bit denser and have more color but nothing compares to a “real” free-range, fresh local egg. You’ll notice the local has much more substance, even in the egg’s white. And the yolks, you’ll notice a rich yellow/orange color and firmer yolks. The deeper color comes in part as a result of having higher levels of beta carotene which is a rich antioxidant. Birds with free access to the outdoors, sunshine, pastured greens and even bugs are happier, healthier and actually more nutritious.


Farm eggs are not just healthier. They also taste way better. Last summer when we were travelling and had conventional eggs our kids were so surprised by the color and the flavor difference. They are also help turn out really great baked goods!

The statement I made about “real” pastured eggs being more nutritious is based on some “real” research that has been done. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself: Pastured Chickens Lay Nutritious Eggs

I love that a local farm is raising healthy hens and bringing us these great local eggs. I also love that the eggs have a great shelf life. The USDA recommends that eggs be refrigerated an consumed between 4-6 weeks from packing date. I hope you end up loving these eggs just as much as I do. Now through May 30th, 2017 email and mention this post and save $1 off one dozen local eggs with any order.

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1 Response to Farm Eggs. What Is the Difference?

  1. Kim B says:

    Love this entry! Having had my hens for a month now, I can’t imagine every going back to commercially raised eggs. Not only is the flavor better, but there is something to be said for the gifting that occurs every day! I go out before sun up to care for them and give them their daily treat, and when I get home from work in the evening they’ve left me 4 beautifully perfectly designed little gifts… love this! And bonus – they get to share in some of my produce delivery, so I know they’re getting healthy treats!

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