Keeping the Love Alive with REAL. GOOD. FOOD.

One of the things that helps keep the spark alive between myself and the culinary arts is continuing try new foods and techniques. The possibilities really are limitless! Sometimes the twenty years that have past since I first fell in love with preparing real food with amazing fresh ingredients feels like forever. Back then it was so fun and exciting to cook exciting dishes for the two of us and test out gourmet dishes at dinner parties. The years rolled by and we entered a new season.

Preparing food became a little less exciting and a little more challenging with an infant in my arms. Then more beautiful little blessings came into our lives one by one. One day I woke up and found myself for seemingly the millionth time preparing a feast for eight seemingly unappreciative family members. It was at this time I started to really wonder if I loved culinary arts at all. Maybe cooking wasn’t so fun after all. As I pondered this I realized that my love had not grown to match the season I was currently living in. I was making something that should be fun into plain old hard work. I decided to reevaluate my current situation and my love with culinary arts began to shift. My new mission was to make REAL. GOOD. FOOD. taste amazing, yet be simple enough to prepare with my children. Three meals each and every day for eight people. I found that spark was alive and well and reignited with this new mission.

Today I am enjoying the best of both worlds. I love try new and gourmet meals occasionally. We still have plenty of nights where quick real food is on our menu because of Kids Club, Youth Group, Swimming Lessons, Boy Scouts or a combination of all. I am very thankful that my husband also enjoys cooking and all my children enjoy and have learned to cook by being a part of our kitchen experiences day in and day out. It is nice to delegate the after school smoothie or veggie tray preparation to older children or share the responsibility and JOY of cooking together.

I have to give a lot of the credit for my ongoing love for cooking to real food showing up on my door step. If I wouldn’t have had the food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, in my refrigerator I don’t think I would have remained inspired. Also to my Grandma who told me stories of how hard her family worked, but still made time to put a pie on the table nearly every day. These stories capture my imagination and have inspired me to try find deep enjoyment and create lasting memories in the kitchen and around the table.

Four tips for keeping your love for culinary arts alive year after year. (also know as preparing REAL. GOOD. FOOD.)

  1. Keep the REAL. GOOD. FOOD. coming. For me this mean a weekly delivery from Brown Box Organics.
  2. Don’t think it has to be complicated or take a lot of time. If you are in a busy season of life take a little time to prep your fresh foods so you can pull a meal together on those busy evenings in about 15 minutes. You might even save time over ordering at a restaurant and you will certainly save money even when buying organic food. One good resource is this blog. Search “quick” for recipes that come together fast.
  3. Try something new to keep it exciting. Try a new fruit, vegetable, seasoning or technique. If you order Variety Boxes with Brown Box this will happen at your door step. The Sur La Table local classes are a great resource that I have personally enjoyed. See my class reviews here and here.
  4. Food is a necessity, but also such a blessing. Take a moment to appreciate the colors and flavor. Laugh together in the kitchen and build memories around the table. Thankfulness is the ingredient makes even the simplest meal taste amazing.


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