Get to Know: Ataulfo Mango

I think I have heard the question, “What is that thing in my box?” in reference to Ataulfo Mango more than any other fruit or vegetable. If Ataulfo is new to you get ready for a treat!

This Week Featuring Ataulfo Mango

What is that little yellow kidney shaped thing in the box? It’s an Ataulfo mango! The bigger and rounder Tommy and Kent mangoes are more common in the US and if you have tried those varieties you might be pleasantly surprised by the Ataulfos creamy, custardy texture. In fact in most places where mangos are grown the Ataulfo is the more popular choice.

This mango is buttery and, well, pretty elegant in texture — especially when it reaches peak ripeness. That alone makes it a favorite for eating out of hand, but it’s also amazing for smoothies and shakes. If your mango arrives a little firm to the touch allow to ripen until soft in your fruit bowl. We will have this variety on and off throughout the year.

Looking for a recipe? We have a great mango salsa recipe.

Mangos are also my favorite side dish with Murin Chicken in the Summer!


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