Frontier Soup Review

We have some great new foods coming available for home or office delivery this season! I could not be more surprised and excited to share with you the all natural Frontier Soup Mixes for sale at Brown Box for a limited time. While home made soups made with fresh organic vegetables and herbs is my ultimate comfort food I meet more people all the time who either don’t feel like they want to spend that much time in the kitchen for one reason or another. Frontier Soup Mixes bring award winning flavor to the table with little time or effort. They are also gluten free and have many options for varied flavor profiles, reducing sodium and even slow cooker options. Find these options in the descriptions on our web site and read the review on the blog.

My Frontier Soup Review

Soup is my favorite food group! I am sure there is a soup for every occasion and I love almost all of them. When the Frontier Soup mix line was introduced to me I must admit I was very skeptical. All of my favorite soup recipes rely on fresh, flavorful vegetables and herbs. While attractively packaged, the Frontier Soup Mixes were not what I am used to looking at when I make soup at home. What intrigued me most about this soup mix line was the line up of awards their various soups had won despite being quick to prepare mixes. Quick and award winning flavor? I couldn’t wait to see for myself.

Frontier Wild Rice Mushroom Soup

I have to admit that I have been pleasantly surprised by this line of soup. The flavors are as good as most restaurant soups for a fraction of the cost. They are all quick and easy to prepare with great flavor and feature all natural ingredients. Most of them are gluten free making them easy to share with my friends and family who can’t eat gluten. All of the items that the soups called for were very usual and easy to find in our pantry or refrigerator. There were also several great tips on the web site for making the soups more to your preference by adding additional ingredients. There is such a great variety of soups. I think you could eat them nearly every day and not get bored with so many flavors and mix in ideas. I was also happy to find helpful information on how to reduce sodium and other healthy suggestions on their web site or in the long description on our web site. I have not tried this myself, but some of the mixes also have alternate slow cooker instructions.

I have tried five of the mixes so far and liked every one of them. My large family with also enjoyed each of the soup mixes we tried despite extremely varied taste preferences. The natural ingredients, great variety of flavors and easy in preparation greatly outweigh the things I didn’t like about the soups. My least favorite thing about these soups is that they require very little fresh vegetables and herbs. I am surprised by how little that affects the flavor and texture, but I still love homemade from scratch soup the best. It is my ultimate comfort food. I pretty sure anyone visiting our house wouldn’t know the difference and I feel confident in recommending the Frontier Soup mixes to anyone who is interested in making flavorful and easy nearly home made soups.

Brown Box Organics is now offering some of my favorite soups from Frontier Soups; South of the Border Tortilla Soup, Idaho Outpost Potato & Leek Soup Mix, Illinois prairPe Corn Chowder, Midwest Weekend Cincinnati Chili Mix, Oregon Lakes Wild Rice & Mushroom, Pacific Rim Gingered Carrot Soup.

Learn more about Frontier Soup Mix and their other products on their web site here.


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