Know Your Produce? Cabbage

green cabbageCabbage seems to me a humble vegetable that is often overlooked. Cabbage takes center stage with corned beef later this month for Saint Patrick’s Day. In my home cabbage is a staple – something I always keep on hand. There are several reasons I always have cabbage on hand.

  1. You can add cabbage to so many types of meals. I use it most often in soup, salads, top Mexican style dishes, mix into Asian stir fry and noodle dishes or just steamed as a side. I also noticed my kids don’t blink an eye at eating cabbage. Some of them love to grab leaves and eat them raw for snacks. None of them complain about it in the recipes we make. I love how adding vegetables, especially cabbage to recipes increases the nutrition and flavor at the same time.
  2. Cabbage has good shelf life. Not only does it keep well, but it also goes a long way. Nearly every other vegetable is gone in one serving at my house. When I make cabbage as a side it disappears in one meal, but shredded into other recipes it lasts a little better.
  3. Cabbage is incredibly nutritious. We could easily fill pages about the health benefits of eating cabbage. Cabbage is low in calories and fat, filled with phytochemicals that protect against cancer and fight bad cholesterol in the blood. It is high in Vitamin C providing more than 60% of the recommended daily percentage per serving. It is rich in Vitamin B5, B6, B1 and many other minerals and nutrients.
  4. There are several varieties. Green cabbage is the staple I keep on hand all the time. I love to try different kinds of produce. Right now I especially love red cabbage in salads. Napa cabbage is a favorite in soups. Box Choy, also called Chinese Cabbage, is a favorite in stir fry. I also love to chop the stalk and eat as a crunchy snack.

Looking for great cabbage recipes? Search our recipe archive by produce type by ticking the box next to “Cabbage”.

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