Seasonal Apple Varieties

Autumn is apple season. These delightful fruits are well known, but some of the varieties are less well recognized Here is the run down of our most popular apples of the season:

  • Most Loved: Honeycrisp – This exceptionally crisp and juicy apple is best for fresh eating or sliced over salads. The Honeycrisp Apple season is quickly coming to an end so come in today and get what you can, while you can! This variety has been a best seller for years.
  • Most Popular: Fuji excellent for fresh eating, pies, sauces and baking. This apple may be the most popular for several reasons. It is a variety that is reliable, well known, easy to find and usually has a lower price point that many other varieties due to availability.
  • Favorite Tart: Pink Lady – The balanced sweet-tart flavor with a hint of effervescence and firm texture make Pink Lady Apples great for eating, salads and baking.
  • Best for Baking: Granny Smith – Crisp and tart with hints of sweetness, Granny Smith Apples are excellent eaten fresh or for salads, sauces, poaching and all types of baking.
    House Favorite: Braeburn – With rich flavors and firm, yet juicy flesh, Braeburn Apples are a great choice for snacking, pies, salads, sauces and baking. I had to include this one because although it is not a best seller it is our house favorite.

You will see over twenty varieties of Apple as available throughout the season.



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