Welcome to our SOIL! Since 2003 our family has been connecting with customers and friends by way of printed and e-mailed newsletters at Brown Box Organics. Often our customer friends call or e-mail for recipes that were previously published, information on the produce in their boxes or other FAQ’s. We think it is about time to put all of those recipes and that great information in one searchable place.

Would you like to hear how we became passionate about Organic food and farming? Click the Organic Starts category right for the whole story.

SOIL is meant to be much more than a business blog. It is a place where we hope to connect with you on a deeper level by sharing the personal side of our journey, information specific to our valley and information from our local farms. We hope that this blog will inspire those of you who are newly interested in organic and sustainably grown food. We also hope it will give you some great resources to begin your own organic journey. This is also a positive place for those of you who have embraced this way of living to share and find encouragement.

Would you like to find information or a recipe for a specific type of produce? Visit our Produce & Recipe page. Search that item name such as “broccoli” or find it in the category list.

Brown Family 2013



for the Brown Family

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