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Maple Glazed Root Vegetables & Winter Squash

What a great time of year to enjoy really good food! There are so many wonderful flavor combinations unique to the season. Winter Squash is coming into season with new varieties available every week. To some preparing these colorful and … Continue reading

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Simple Series: Buttered Beets and Slowcooked Cinnamon Applesauce

“I don’t have time.” It’s the most common reason I hear people give for not eating more fresh produce. While there are plenty of all day recipes there are just as many or more quick and easy ways to incorporate … Continue reading

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Keeping it Fresh

We have posted many instructions for keeping produce fresh over the years. How produce is handled (or not) when you get it greatly impacts shelf life. The idea is to keep living things living as long as possible – think … Continue reading

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Know Your Produce? Gold Beets and Natural Egg Coloring

You may have read in my previous posts that I used to hate beets. Gold beets changed my mind. Here are the basics of gold beets. This variety of beet is milder in taste than the better known red beets. … Continue reading

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