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Veggie Chili

I found the recipe in a vegetarian cook book a long while back when I wasn’t eating meat. Over the years I have adapted the recipe to suit our family. I love soup, chili and stew but this recipe is … Continue reading

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Summer Corn Salads

I love corn salads in the summer. Corn is so easy to boil or grill, but there is something about the colorful confetti of salad in the summer that makes it fun to prepare. Here are two of my favorites: … Continue reading

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Keeping it Fresh

We have posted many instructions for keeping produce fresh over the years. How produce is handled (or not) when you get it greatly impacts shelf life. The idea is to keep living things living as long as possible – think … Continue reading

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Salmon & Roasted Corn Chowder

Originally Posted in Brown Box Organics newsletter 2013. Salmon & Roasted Corn Chowder This recipe is a bit indulgent, but still boasts a few servings of veggies and wild caught salmon. To boost nutrition sauté some greens (kale & chard … Continue reading

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