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Get to Know: Ataulfo Mango

I think I have heard the question, “What is that thing in my box?” in reference to Ataulfo Mango more than any other fruit or vegetable. If Ataulfo is new to you get ready for a treat! This Week Featuring … Continue reading

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Summertime Buffet Menu – Murin Chicken

Looking for another idea when you have company this summer? Here is my favorite summertime buffet menu made with all fresh and flavorful ingredients. Wishing you many warm days filled with laughter, love and great food! Rachel Brown Summer backyard … Continue reading

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Simple Mango Salsa – history & more

Salsa is especially great in the summer. With so many flavor options salsa can be a dip or dressing to go with almost any meal. I love the sweet and spicy combination of mango and pineapple salsas. This week I … Continue reading

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