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Quiche and Frittata

Mornings were my biggest challenge in preparing and eating real food as a family. This summer I focused on coming up with a long list of quick and make ahead meals that we can serve in stages (think buffet breakfasts). I … Continue reading

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Weeknight Quick: Easy Curry with Vegetables

It has been about one year since curry was first welcomed in our home. I have liked curry for years in restaurants, but my husband hated it. Thank you to a local Thai restaurant and a good dose of peer … Continue reading

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Medditerean Potato Salad

Mediterranean Potato Salad This light and flavorful potato salad recipe is full of fresh vegetables and a great alternative to traditional potato salad. One cup serving has only 120 calories and 3 grams of fat while traditional potato salad has … Continue reading

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Green Beans and Potatoes, Grilled/Roasted

Is it just me or does food just taste better outdoors? Even the simplest recipes seem delicious to me when we are eating and cooking outside. Grilled Potatoes and Green Beans is one of the really simple recipes I enjoy … Continue reading

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