French Fries for Breakfast

I wasn’t well yesterday and when you own a business and have a bunch of children sometimes it is difficult to slow down no matter how you feel. I am thankful that I was able to stay in the office a short time and then come home to work, but in the meantime I delegated meals to my husband. I am so glad he enjoys cooking sometimes and he does a great job. He was off to an awesome start with homemade organic chicken noodle soup for dinner. Then today came and the morning got away from us. It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

When I came in the kitchen at 7am some of the kids were already off to school and the others were gathered in the kitchen. My husband insists that people have been making breakfast burritos for thousands of years and that there are etching in caves depicting breakfast burrito eating. Since I never had burritos until Taco Bell at age 16 and was at least 25 when I had my first breakfast burrito this is just very hard for me to believe. But I digress….

As I walked into the kitchen I was impressed by the spread in the little time my husband had to pull it together. Eggs, salsa, sausage, tortillas all his favorite fixings for breakfast burritos and French Fries. All right, they had been chopped into small bite size pieces, but still obviously the leftover Alexia frozen French fries that had been sitting in our freezer for a while. At that moment I had a choice to make. Should I be upset that my family is eating French fries for breakfast? Count it as a failure? There was a time I might have been really hard on myself or anyone else who ate French fries for breakfast. I wouldn’t say anything out loud to myself or anyone use but I would judge in my mind. It’s easy to get hung up on the little things. This is where I saw an opportunity to share a little encouragement.

I have been on this real food journey for about fifteen years now. (If you haven’t read that story and are interested type “organic starts” in the search.) I have learned a few things along the way and I am more passionate than ever about real food.  I want to encourage all the other women out there trying to eat well and make great choices for their families to give yourself grace. We work hard on the big picture of our diet and food choices, but sometimes it won’t come together. Sometimes you might find yourself serving French fries for breakfast. It’s okay. Really. No, not every day, all the time but sometimes. In the meantime celebrate all the victories. Every little bite of what we like to call real good food adds up.

This is really why we started Brown Box over ten years ago. I love to know that we are making those small victories easier for caring people all over the valley. It shows up on the doorstep, you eat it. Simple. All the while you are supporting a farm or food artisan and their family who is also choosing to participate in creating real good food because they know it is good for their family and yours. They believe in this food and the nourishment it provides. It’s worth celebrating! My brother is farming this season and on day 24 of 16+ hour days of harvest. It reminds me just how much effort people put in so that we can enjoy this delicious real good food. Let’s celebrate them! I wish I could shake hands with each and every customer who has ever bought a box of food from us and just tell them they did something great, were a part of something big and beautiful and that they deserved every bit of good nutrition they had purchased.

In the spirit of celebrating your wonderful choice to support Brown Box ( and the farms and artisans we represent I have some BIG news. We are constantly making changes to our online ordering and web site.  Early in December we are making the biggest change in our ten years of delivering to our wonderful customers. We are launching an entirely new on-line ordering system! The new system will have so much of the same great features, but have improvements. A few of the improvements are:

·         Offer box swap options (this takes the “Never Send” option to the next level where you can pick exactly which replacement you want that week or swap items that week or permanently.)

·         Create your own box option

·         Less clicks to order

·         Work with all devices

·         Packing slip options

·         Auto generated email reminder opt in

We couldn’t be more excited! Watch our box fliers and newsletters for more details coming soon. In the meantime we hope to visit your doorstep and celebrate with you every bite of real good food.

Wishing you Happy Eating,


For the Brown Box family.


Above a few of our key tem members. From left:
Jayson, Anna, Rachel, Jessica