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Spring Broccoli Salad with Radishes and Lime

I have been enjoying spring flavor. To celebrate the last day of spring I am sharing this recipe that makes great use of some of my favorite spring vegetables. Spring Broccoli Salad with Radishes and Lime recipe below.   Drain Veggies … Continue reading

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Farro Risotto with Swiss Chard

Here, farro stands in for the rice in a little chewier, earthier rendition of risotto. Farrotto may actually predate risotto. This iteration, with the chard and plenty of garlic is quite down-to-earth, but you can use the same technique with … Continue reading

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Know Your Produce? Oak Leaf Lettuce

Green Oak Leaf lettuce is a small loose leaf type of lettuce. The leaves have the appearance of oak leaves-lobed and loosely serrated- and grow upward and outward, somewhat close together and attached to a singular base. The leaves are … Continue reading

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Keeping it Fresh – Tips for Warmer Weather

It’s that time of year that warm weather will make it a little more challenging to keep fresh things fresh. We would love to share some tips for fresh food storage. Our #1 tip is to invest in a cooler … Continue reading

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